About Us

About Ciranova is a webshop of Dane Care Ltd.

Our services are primarily organised for wood floor clients to easily find the materials that are needed to see a new install or an old floor refurb through the construction phase and into the future with correct aftercare in place. That said, many of our solutions are applicable to other wood surfaces; cladding, beams, furniture and other fitout elements. Our contribution can also be contract work where we have extensive experience over 25 years. The range of products and brands is extensive and we are confident of meeting most interior design requests.

Who's who in Dane Care: Simon Rogers-Coltman Dane Care sales, Ulle Rogers-Coltman Dane Care logistics, Nataliia Luhovska Dane Care sales administrator.

Who's who in Ciranova: Tim Denhom country manager, Damien Ford southern sales, James Berry northern sales.

By working together your wood finishing can proceed glitch-free and be both beautiful and everlasting.