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Discover the different Ciranova colours, oils, varnishes and waxes for treating and protecting all types of indoor wood such as parquet, furniture and wooden walls

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Ciranova Outdoors

Ciranova offers a comprehensive range for cleaning, protecting and colouring outdoor wood. Proper protection and maintenance enables you to enjoy outdoor wood for a longer time

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Ciranova Maintenance

Ciranova has designed a universal range of maintenance products for oiled, varnished, laminate and LVT floors. Regular use of the right maintenance products prevents expensive and time-consuming renovation

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AboutCiranova is pleased to also offer the product ranges of our sister company, Blanchon.

If you are considering hiring a contractor then Dane Care has 20 years experience in the field

Dane Care is a merchant/contractor that has been finishing floors and supplying goods since 2001. The majority of our work is with oil finishes be they oil based or waterborne hybrids. When finished, cleaned and cared for correctly they can be thought of as everlasting finishes. Dane Care can vouch for this given many of our works are well over 20 years and going strong.

3,000 projects over 20 years primarily in the top end of the London market lends us experience in wood floor colouring and finishing that is second to none. What we learn on site we pass on to our shop customers by way of advice and assembled kits. Our blog shows completed projects to give you inspiration and serve as a reference should we speak by phone. Please enjoy this and search it for what may be relevant to you. All said though there is always something new to learn and we welcome the challenge your project may bring us.

Dane Care's project blog

More than 90 years of experience

Ciranova® is the specialist in the development and production of finishing products for parquet, furniture and other wooden objects. Thanks to the full range of colours, reactive stains, varnishes, oils, waxes and maintenance products, Ciranova® is a leading supplier of wood preservatives for the wood processing industry worldwide.

For general sales please browse and shop off this site. Dane Care staff are here to help on 01952 727899.

Industrial customers should make contact with Ciranova directly: southern region - Damien Ford on 07584 027458 or Northern region - James Berry on 07909 272017 or


"The Titan Satin is our number 1, because it gives a very beautiful natural transparent finish to our furniture!
We deeply appreciate the personal contact with Ciranova; it creates a bond, and we receive wise counsel and advice whenever it´s needed!"  SANNE (WSOF)

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Be creative with Ciranova

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Invisibly finishing & protecting wood

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The unique characteristics of Reactive stain

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Be creative with Ciranova

Despite the fact that natural and untreated finishes enjoy the greatest demand, the colouring of wood is also rapidly growing in popularity. Depending on the interior and the style chosen, people often opt for grey, brown or white finishings.

Thanks to our Reactive stains, we can offer a wide range of aged finishings. Reactive stain reacts with tannins in the wood and is most often used on oak. Finished with our invisible and natural PLUS range, you obtain a genuine and unique result.

Reactive stains can also be finished with a coloured Hardwaxoil MAGIC, which produces infinitely many colour possibilities. We have 24 standard Reactive stain colours and 16 standard Hardwaxoil Magic colours in our range. You can also mix the Hardwaxoil Magic colours with one another in order to produce the perfect colour yourself.

One can produce countless effects by finishing the reactive stain with a coloured oil. Let yourself be inspired and get creative working with our products, which are also available in handy 100ml sample bottles.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about the reactive stains for professional or industrial use.

Invisibly finishing & protecting wood

The natural appearance and warmth of wood ensures that it is a frequently-used material in our interiors. Untreated wood is sensitive for spots, so a good protection is indispensable.

The most frequently requested finish is an invisible one that makes it possible to preserve the natural appearance and character of the wood. In addition, one finds it important that the finish won´t turn yellow over time, and that it also be sustainable and ecological.

In order to meet the requirements of the customers, Ciranova developed the PLUS range, the reference when it comes to invisible finishings for wood. The Ciranova PLUS range is composed of new and improved products for which biobased raw materials are used without compromising performance. The ultra self-matting flooring resin used in these products ensures a natural-looking finish with the lowest gloss achievable and an ultimate protection.

There are 3 different products available, depending on the wishes of the customer. Woodlook PLUS produces a slightly bleached finish, Ecofix PLUS a natural finish, and Oculto PLUS a slightly intense finish.

The PLUS range ensures high scratch and chemical resistance which can, if necessary, be further reinforced by adding the PLUS hardener (10%).
For industrial parquet manufacturers, Ciranova has also developed a system to achieve the same natural finish with an extra-matt UV oil.

You can always contact us if you have questions about the right finishing for your wood.


The unique characteristics of Reactive stain

Ciranova reactive stain is a special product for obtaining unique finishes. For more than 20 years Ciranova has been the market leader in the development of reactive stains, for both the professional and the industrial market.

What is a reactive stain?

A reactive stain is composed of a combination of dyes and raw materials that react with tannins in the wood. The reaction with the tannins in the wood creates an aged and natural finish. The reactive stains work best on oak wood, but also produce beautiful results on pine.

What colours are available?

We have 24 standard reactive stain colours, primarily with various brown and grey hues. One popular colour is reactive stain white, which ensures a natural white finish of the wood.

How can I protect the reactive stain afterwards?

Reactive stain only produces the colour; afterwards it has to be protected with a finishing product. For the on-site finishing we recommend our Hardwaxoil Magic. By combining a reactive stain with a coloured oil one can obtain many different finishes.

One cannot roll or brush waterborne finishings such as a varnish over the reactive stain, because this could partly dissolve the colour. However, one can spray a waterborne finishing on the reactive stain, which offers many possibilities for industrial finishers.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about the reactive stains for professional or industrial use.